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Consumption and sorting scan for vulnerable households

Promote circularity with a target group that is not easily approachable

Through individual home visits, vulnerable households are shown how to correctly sort and recycle waste, and which initiatives are available for repair, reuse, sharing and repurposing. That is, in a nutshell, the idea behind the ‘Consumption and sorting scan for vulnerable households’.

In 2017, KOMOSIE, the Federation of Environmental Entrepreneurs in the Social Economy, joined forces with a large project group to develop the Energy Scan, an accessible communication tool to also involve vulnerable audiences in the transition to the circular economy. The focus was on correct sorting.

The ‘Consumption and sorting scan for vulnerable households’ wants to use the lessons learned and the results of this successful project to take this initiative one step further. How? Through a one-year relaunch process. The same target group will be given information on how to correctly sort and recycle waste. They will also be informed on the existing initiatives for repair, recycling, sharing and repurposing, all via home visits. This will give the participating families instant access to concrete solutions for real problems, and answers to any questions they may have.

The idea is to roll out this project across the whole of Flanders.


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