YOKUU makes cleaning beads without packaging with good bacteria that contribute to a healthy environment.

YOKUU is an Antwerp start-up that brought a new way of cleaning to the market. Joris Jansen developed cleaning beads that contain about 15 billion good bacteria. These bacteria clean, degrease, deodorize and dust surfaces and thus help to clean in an ecological way.

In nature, good bacteria keep the environment clean. In the human body and all around us they do the same, but they are often swept away by chemical cleaning agents. Joris wants to change this and therefore developed ecological cleaning pearls. For this purpose he went to the woods, filled a test tube with soil and selected the best cleaners from it. The five selected bacteria are further cultivated in a laboratory and then compressed with effervescent elements into a pearl.

Traditional cleaning products consist of 90% water. That takes up a lot of transport space, while in every home water comes out of the tap. By transporting only the dry substance, almost 12,000 liters of water were saved, thus reducing CO2 emissions. In addition, the pearls can be dissolved in buckets or in reusable spray bottles, which has already saved about 11 000 pieces of plastic by using YOKUU pearls.

Via the website you can order an all-purpose cleaner, floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner and glass cleaner.