An all-wood circular building system? It is possible thanks to the combination of STRUCTUREZ + CircuWallPanels

With the combination of STRUCTUREZ and CircuWallPanels, WOODinc realises a fully wooden circular building system suitable for small and large constructions.

STRUCTUREZ consists of a wooden post-and-beam system and CLTi panels. Both are made of laminated wood. The advantage? The wood does not 'work' and therefore ensures greater stability and better technical performance than solid wood. Carbon steel connectors provide the solid connections in the structure and make assembly and disassembly - and thus circular re-use - very easy. Cross-laminated timber-insulated panels (CLTi) make the timber structure wind and watertight.

In order to achieve an entirely wooden circular building system, WOODinc developed a vapour permeable and airtight prefabricated insulation panel for facade finishing in collaboration with UHasselt: CircuWallPanel. These circular building panels are also easy to assemble and disassemble.

Service flats in Tournai
The diversity of WOODinc construction projects shows that the construction method is suitable for any type of building and that sustainable and circular construction does not have to be expensive. WOODinc builds circular single-family houses, a dentist's practice and service flats, among other things. In Tournai, for example. There, it built a nursing home with 11,000 m2 of habitable space, spread over four floors.



Woodinc - Single-family house, 175m²

Woodinc - Circular houses in Retie - Outside

Woodinc - Circular houses in Retie - Inside

Woodinc - Circular project in Waregem for the dentists collective - Outside

Woodinc - Circular project in Waregem for the dentists collective - Inside


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