Sustainable design with wood waste: a perfect match

In this project, we are setting up cooperation partnerships between designers and wood-processing companies in order to search for:

  1. alternative uses for waste wood;
  2. new insights in wood processing for designers;
  3. optimisation of the processes in the wood-processing sector.

In consultation with Hout Info Bois, we are selecting five companies that want to participate in this process. In addition, together with Flanders DC, we are launching a call for designers and then selecting five suitable candidates. We will go to each of the participating companies with these designers and take a close look at the wood processing processes and waste streams. After this preliminary stage and the introduction, we will match designers and companies. The designers will receive further guidance in developing a product based on the waste wood available in the company. Finally, the findings of the preliminary stage and the follow-up process are communicated to other wood-processing companies and designers so that this becomes more applicable within the sector.

BOS+ Vlaanderen

Partners Flanders DC, Hout Info Bois