Embracing Conscious Self-Care

WONDR aims to make conscious personal care choices easier by avoiding plastic and offering sustainable, healthy alternatives. Because WONDR's range is completely vegan, plactic-free, the products are good for you and the planet. WONDR's mission is to become the future of self-care.

Soap, shampoo, shaving cream and deodorant contain a laundry list of harmful ingredients. Moreover, plastic packaging consists of harmful chemicals that are released into our food, water and environment. Discarded plastic poses a big problem in rivers and oceans and the animals that live in them, as it floats there for years.

This is why WONDR chooses natural raw materials that offer refreshment and vitality while being good for your body and the environment. The team behind WONDR consists of a group of young scientists who worked with experts to scrutinise cosmetics to work out a range of formulas they felt comfortable with. The products in the range are cleaner, greener and softer, but are also at least as effective as traditional products. This innovation has already allowed more than 733 000 plastic bottles to be saved.

It's not just the ingredients and packaging that have a positive impact on the environment. This is because WONDR's products consist of sticks, bars and powder that can be replenished at home with tap water in a reusable bottle. This avoids the unnecessary transport of water and reduces CO2 emissions.