Wilderhof: Bes't - 100% Pure

Passion for fruit growing with Bes't - 100% Pure

Wilderhof, a dedicated family business founded in 2008 in Borgloon, managed to perfect the art of fruit growing. Their story is one of passion, quality and, above all, sustainability. With a focus on reusing imperfect fruit, they created the Bes't 100% Pure concept that is not only good for the environment, but also produces delicious produce.

A passion for sustainable fruit growing

The company specialises in growing both hard and soft fruits, including strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. They divide these into two categories: premium and non-premium fruit. The premium category is perfect in shape and size and can therefore be sold to retailers. The non-premium fruit that cannot meet retailers' high standards is given a second chance at Wilderhof.

In line with their zero-waste policy, Wilderhof decided to reuse these fruits and transform them into new products under the name: 'Bes't - 100% Pure'. This product line includes products such as BOOST'hie, a 100% berry juice packed with flavour and nutrients. They also offer Wilder syrup made from blackberries or raspberries and jammie!fruit, a quick fruit product that can be used to make your own delicious preparations such as jams, smoothies or to simply freeze for later use.

Image: Wilderhof website