What is buzzing in the NextGen District?

NextGen District: Pioneers of the Circular Economy

In the vibrant heart of NextGen District, innovators are working on revolutionary projects. Port of Antwerp-Bruges acts as a sustainable cornerstone, with renewable energy, recycling and optimised logistics being part of their sustainability mission. As a forerunner in this ecological era, it should be the sustainable hub for the future.

Pioneers in the NextGen District

TripleHelix, one of the pioneers of this district, is launching SurePUre, a pilot plant for recycling polyurethane foam and PET trays. This innovation redefines the 'TAKE - MAKE - WASTE' paradigm and offers a new model of circular value chains for specific materials. From logistics to financial valuation, they are betting on new ecosystems of partners to offer Molecules as a Service.

Bolder Industries, another pioneering player, converts discarded tyres into valuable raw materials with a 90% CO2 reduction. Their certified products, such as BolderBlack and BolderOil, are transforming the industry and meeting the highest standards of circular raw materials.

PureCycle gives polypropylene plastic a second life. Their unique purification process separates colour, odour and contaminants from plastic waste, allowing it to be converted into pure recycled resin. This technology redefines plastic recycling and opens the door to a renewable plastic that can be used multiple times.

These three forward-thinking companies reflect NextGen District's ambition. Their bold efforts from the Triple Helix approach illustrate a future where circular economies and sustainable practices are the norm. As pioneers, they show a path not only to less waste and lower CO2 emissions, but also to a world where raw materials are reused and optimised for a better planet and future generations.