Washable diapers from maternity/maternity to nursery

Promoting sustainable parenting through washable diapers

The transition to reusable diapers is often a big one. Therefore, the project 'Washable diapers from maternity ward/maternity to nursery' offers re-washable diapers at maternity wards and nurseries, after which the brand-new parents can continue the service at home.

With the 'Washable diapers from maternity ward/maternity to nursery' project, Imelda vzw, Snappies and Child care in your neighborhood are setting up a washable diaper service for the Mechelen region. Thanks to the cooperation between the different partners, reusable diapers can be offered as a service in a continuous flow.  
New parents are first introduced to the reusable diapers in the maternity ward to keep the entry level low. At home, the service can easily be continued. Snappies takes on the less pleasant work by offering their services in the nurseries or Nursery in your neighborhood: they collect the dirty diapers and offer them washed back to you.
By focusing on de-cluttering and raising awareness, the project's partners hope that choosing reusable diapers will become more natural. This will help minimize the tons of diaper waste a baby produces during the first three years of life.

Imelda vzw

Partners Snappies SRL & Kinderopvang in je buurt