A platform that brings products via a short chain from Ghent farmers to Ghent shops and restaurants

VANIER Gent is a cooperative platform where farmers and producers offer their products to shopkeepers, the hospitality industry and industrial kitchens. The offer consists of seasonal, local products and ranges from vegetables and fruit to dairy and meat. Ghent specialities are also part of the range. These products are delivered by VANIER in an environment-friendly manner and with a minimum of packaging.

The catering industry, shopkeepers and institutional kitchens like to serve their customers seasonal, local products. Ghent farmers have these products on offer. VANIER brings these two parties together on its platform and ensures that producers and customers can enter into a sustainable cooperation. It is the webshop for the short chain in Ghent. VANIER not only plays a role as platform and webshop, but also takes care of logistics, marketing and contact with the parties. VANIER also organises regular meeting moments.

In order to make the products even more sustainable, they are packaged in a way that minimises food waste. Because both the farmers and the buyers come from the same region, transport is also limited.

This short chain, in which the producer and the consumer are in direct contact, ensures that the origin of the products is known, that the farmers receive a fair price and that the local economy is supported. The initiative came from a young group of entrepreneurs as part of Linked.Farm with the support of the City of Ghent.


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