Digital product passports for the mattress sector

A digital product passport will become a mandatory information tool in the European ESPR “Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation” legislation that will come into effect in the coming years for all products entering the European market. (Clothes) Textiles are number 1 on the priority list, but the furniture sector and mattresses as a separate product group also score very high.

The ESPR legislation, as part of the European Green Deal, aims to reduce the environmental impact of goods. A digital product passport aims to provide transparent information to consumers who can factor sustainability into purchasing decisions. And the product passport should help to extend the lifespan of products (repair, second life, refurbishment) and improve the disassembly and recycling of waste flows at the real end of life.

MattressID by TripleR aims to unite the mattress industry in Europe and provide a solution to that obligation. A legal obligation, which entails a cost for producers, offers new opportunities. Giving every mattress a digital identity creates opportunities to optimize internal business processes (think of optimizing stocks and logistics movements), new business models can also be considered.

Together with Valumat, the organization responsible for collecting, dismantling and recycling of mattresses in Belgium, is introducing the digital product passport for mattresses step by step in 2024. They do this together with 5 larger Belgian mattress manufacturers (Aquinos Bedding, known from Beka and Lattoflex – AumSleep, former Latexco – Revor Group – Polypreen and LS Bedding, known from Ergosleep) and 3 mattress dismantlers active on the Belgian market: Matras Recycling Europe, Retourmatras and Veolia. Together with these parties, they experience in practice what is needed to communicate clearly to the consumer and they also investigate how the mattress information can optimize the dismantling processes and allow higher-quality recycling of waste flows. After that first step in Belgium, they continued a similar approach within Europe. As part of the Cirpass2 project, a Digital Europe project, they, together with several European manufacturers, will put 500,000 digitally identified mattresses on the market over the next 2.5 years. They further shape the digital product passport, fully in line with the upcoming European legislation. was founded by Stefaan Cognie and Rik Holvoet, both active in the mattress and IT sector for many years. The company is located in Ghent.