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Total Value Wall (TVW)

First we had green roofs, now we have wall gardens too

Total Value Wall is an innovative multidisciplinary vertical wall garden. This system serves as a fully-fledged construction shell and offers plenty of benefits. This project will include demonstrations highlighting the benefits of vertical wall gardens as a total solution for other construction professionals and urban dwellers. During the preparatory tests and the actual demonstration, circular materials, such as Biochar eco shells, will also be presented.

At the moment, the general public is not at all familiar with the Total Value Wall concept and its advantages.

  • Structural advantages: better thermal insulation, soundproofing, a positive impact on the lifespan of the façade and a lower fire risk.
  • Visual advantage: more nature in construction/the city.
  • Environmental advantage: capturing of fine dust and rain water.
  • In addition to these benefits, the wall garden helps purify grey water for low-threshold applications.

Horizontal gardens, i.e. green roofs, are quite common nowadays. However, vertical wall gardens also have a lot of benefits, for example a positive visual impact on the cityscape. Cities are becoming more dense and living spaces are becoming more compact, so the integration of nature and greenery is set to become increasingly important. All architects are now aware of the concept thank to prestigious projects both in Belgium and abroad, but it is not commonly used yet. This project aims to showcase the advantages or vertical wall gardens to a wider audience by installing such gardens in two separate locations.

Muurtuin BVBA

Partners Universiteit Gent, Ecoverbo BVBA, Mastop totaaltechniek bv, Vlaams Kenniscentrum Water (Vlakwa)