Too good to go

The app against food waste: buy unsold meals and save money and food.

Too Good To Go is a Danish app with the big goal of reducing food waste. Through the app, users can order meals and food products at the end of the day that have not been sold during the day and would otherwise just be thrown away. And at a lower price.

Every year, more than a third of all food worldwide is thrown away. Moreover, wasting food causes almost 10% of CO2 emissions. Too Good To Go wants to do something about this by preventing food from being thrown away. That's why the developers came up with the idea of an app where customers can 'save' meals and food products. They can order meals that have already been prepared but have not been sold or they can pick up food such as bread or yoghurt pots if they have been left on the shelves.

More than 48 million people worldwide are already using the app and together they have saved around 100 million meals since 2016. Besides saving meals, the creators also want to use Too Good To Go as a platform to educate people. Therefore, they offer a knowledge hub where information about food waste is shared.

How does Too Good To Go work exactly? You open the app around closing time and look among the list of merchants in your area to see if they have any meals or food left. You see the original price and the price you pay for it - which is usually about 70% less. Then you go to the store with your own storage box and take the meal home. So you can eat more economically and companies still earn something from products they would otherwise throw away. A win-win.