Those Vegan Cowboys

Transforming Dairy Production for a Sustainable Future

Those Vegan Cowboys is committed to sustainable and circular food production by reducing the impact of the dairy industry on the environment. In doing so, the 'stainless steel cow' symbolises a future where food is produced in an environmentally friendly way and where farmers play a crucial role in a more sustainable world.

The production of cheese and other dairy products has a major impact on land, water, biodiversity and the climate. The team behind Those Vegan Cowboys is therefore introducing a metal cow that efficiently converts grass into milk proteins using an innovative technique.

The goal of Those Vegan Cowboys is to produce cheese that is at least five times more efficient than traditional production. Sustainability, circularity and animal-friendliness are central to this. The result: much less land and water is needed, while COZ emissions are significantly reduced.

With the 'stainless steel cow' as its symbol, Those Vegan Cowboys supports farmers of social burdens, making them the true stewards of the land and becoming even better farmers. The ultimate goal is to create a future where food production is in balance with nature and where farmers play a crucial role in a more sustainable world.

Those Vegan Cowboys