’t BezenBos

Where you pick your own berries like sweet kisses

Drongen near Ghent has a hidden gem that breathes sustainability: 't BezenBos. In it, the inspirers give their green fingers free rein: they tend various species of berry bushes and weave them into a living tapestry of biodiversity. Step inside this lively self-picking garden, where every berry tastes of care, love and future thinking.

The picking garden is a sustainable laboratory based on agroecological principles. From the currants glistening in the morning sun to the kiwi berries timidly showing their green jacket, every plant has its place in this thoughtful ecosystem. The thoughtful combination of low trees, shrubs and perennials is pleasing to the eye. At the same time, it forms an efficient bulwark against plant pests by stimulating natural resilience.

't BezenBos is a place where people reap the benefits of a healthy planet. When you pick yourself, you feel the connection with the earth and understand what our food really means. Every visit is a lesson on sustainability and how our food choices affect our health.

Here you get a firm grasp of the delicious taste of the green revolution. Because every berry you pick ensures a double win: you get a tasty taste and you take a valuable step towards a sustainable world. In 't BezenBos, you pick more than berries, here you pick hope for the future. So put on your picking shoes, gather your fruitiest friends and come along: 't BezenBos is waiting for you, with open branches!