Sustainable construction with CIRCL

Circular key on door of homes CIRCL

Circular construction at market prices? That is right up CIRCL's alley. Led by Wim Pieters, CIRCL was founded as a subsidiary of Vanhout, a part of the BESIX Group. Together they created CIRCL, a company responsible for the circular and ecological construction of low-energy single-family houses.

How it started? During his internship at Vanhout, Wim Pieters came across the CBCI Interegg project in which KU leuven had the lead. The challenge? To build a circular house with at least 75% bio-based material. Vanhout expressed support; it was the run-up to the 2023 launch of CIRCL.

"We build anywhere in Belgium in one minute digitally and in six weeks physically," he said.

To bolster the concept of circular homes, CIRCL uses a combination of industrialisation and digitisation principles. Through these principles, CIRCL creates affordable homes that are close to the prices of turnkey homes, but fully compliant for the demands of 2050.

Hand in hand with the capital-rich Vanhout and the expertise of several major partners, CIRCL is committed to a circular principle in all their construction projects.


Partners Vanhout, BESIX group, Start It