Studio Ama

Fashion with value

With Studio AMA, founder Soraya Wancour strives for the most sustainable and ethical way to make clothes. By choosing local raw materials and local production in bespoke factories, each piece is 100% circular.

Clothing production requires a lot of raw materials and is not always done in an ethically responsible way. At the end of their lifespan, many garments disappear into landfills without any recovery or recycling, as fast-fashion dominates the fashion industry. This is where Soraya Wancour wants to change. That is why she founded Studio AMA, an incubator for an alternative model within the fashion industry.

Both design, the use of raw materials, production and sales are done according to circular principles. Soraya also advocates the short chain, a system that is already known in the food industry, but has yet to make a breakthrough in the fashion world. She looks for materials in Belgian workshops, so that transport is limited and all garments are of local origin.

All pieces are produced in local bespoke workshops, making the brand both sustainable and social. Besides selling clothes, Studio AMA also offers workshops to learn how clothes can be sustainably used and repaired.