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Staenis - circular floor structures

Circular floor structures with plenty of benefits

Staenis has launched a construction product for the creation of circular floor structures. For now, a circular screed - also known as a subfloor- is unthinkable. Screed is a construction element made of sand, cement and water, that requires a lot of energy and long hours to demolish because it usually also contains iron mesh reinforcement. The latter cannot be recycled. The new Staenis grid allows for the construction of a fully circular floor.

The Staenis grid is made of recycled plastic slats and feet that can easily be clicked and locked into place. The feet are equipped with regulating screws. This allows for the grid to be installed levelled onto the floor, to subsequently be filled with eco-friendly fillers, such as seashells or levelling granules, small (2 to 4 mm) granules made of recycled clay (350 kg/m³), that are much lighter than screed (1,700 kg/m³), have insulating properties and are non-flammable.

Their light weight can make constructions lighter too in the future, because the structure needs to carry less weight than in the past. The grid ensures that the granules are placed perfectly levelled, which was hard to achieve until now. Moreover, today the levelling granules need to be covered with specific (expensive) boards with a glued T&G joint, because there is no other way to attach the boards to the levelling granules. The Staenis grid eliminates the need for these boards, which can be replaced by a simple OSB board screwed onto the grid. The result is a reusable floor structure which brings considerable savings per sq.m. compared to the levelling granules and glued gypsum floor boards that are currently used. This floor structure can even be installed on insulation panels. This allows for the entire floor structure to be reused if, for any reason, it needs to be removed. The levelling granules can be sucked up using a machine, and the grids and the insulation panels can also be reused.

This project could give us the opportunity to launch new floor-building systems, and that is exactly what we hope to focus on following these test cases. The circular economy is the future and it will push us all to think and start changing our behaviour today in preparation for tomorrow. This project, in collaboration with other partners, is a first step in that direction.

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