Redefining sustainable living with a transformative modular sofa for the circular economy

Sofar is the name of the Belgian design sofa that grows with you and fits into the circular economy. The goal of founders Nele and Esther is to make sustainable living accessible, aesthetic and fun. They do this by designing a modular sofa that combines comfort, design, sustainability and service.

With Sofar, Nele and Esther designed the first circular, Belgian design sofa. By doing so, they want to make sustainable living more accessible and reduce the impact of furniture on the waste mountain. The circular Sofar is comfortable and modular. As a result, it needs to be replaced less quickly.

For companies, Sofar goes all out for 'Interior as a service'. Here, together with customers, the complete interior needs are examined and an office or lobby interior with a few Sofars is designed including a maintenance contract. This allows Sofar to ensure that maintenance, any repairs or adjustments to the furniture are always done with new covers.

Just how does that work? Together with Sofar, you put together your ideal sofa.

You start with one of the models and then choose your own fabric and finishing material. Maintaining your new Sofar is easy too: the covers are easily removable and washable. An aesthetically pleasing QR code also gives you access to care tips and a stain guide. Something changes in your life? Then adapt your Sofar just as quickly by opting for a different arrangement or new covers. If you do decide to part with your Sofar, it will be collected and every part can be reused in a new design.