Making circular construction feasible for private individuals

Shared use of housing, lifelong living, low-maintenance building, working from home, etc. There are a great many needs and desires among private builders for circular and change-oriented building. In practice, it appears that these concerns are often overlooked throughout the construction process. There is a tendency to return to familiar conventional techniques and solutions that are of high quality in the short term, but not future-proof or adaptable.

With SensiParti, the aim is to boost the circular construction market for private individuals by starting out from their needs. Using five specific cases, we show how everyday concerns of builders have already led to more circular solutions. We present the user’s story, show the designer’s answer and give specific examples of technical solutions after their implementation. We use inspiration tours, home visits and peer-to-peer exchanges to show how builders can get started with circular principles and with whom. SensiParti is an online and offline platform tailored to the builder with specific, detailed information and examples of circular building solutions.

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Partners Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Architectonische Ingenieurswetenschappen