Salmon croquette

Circular Hub Brugge makes the processing of salmon more sustainable by reusing residual flows. The result: a delicious salmon croquette.

In 2021, Circular Hub Bruges started up two new labs: lab Food and lab ICT. With these, the Hub wants to develop new socially-circular business models. Within the Food lab, SOBO is working with the Bruges fish production company MOWI on the development of an artisanal salmon croquette.

During the processing of fresh salmon various by-products are created, which the SOBO and MOWI want to keep in the food chain as much as possible. That is why the idea of the salmon croquette was born. The recipe, the taste and the "bite" are optimised as much as possible, while the nutrients, shelf life, sustainable packaging and final sales are constantly analysed. In the future, this research will also serve as inspiration to do the same for residual streams of other food products.

The salmon croquette also has a social side. In October, it premiered in the social restaurant Het Paradijs of the non-profit organisation SOBO on the occasion of 20 years of the social restaurant. By means of an evaluation form, the public could give its opinion about the dish in order to refine it further and bring it to the market.

With labs like these, Circular Hub Bruges not only wants to show that circularity works, but also that the social economy is the partner for circular entrepreneurs. In this way, new circular jobs are created in the social economy.