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Rymoplast Sustainable Bags

New plastic bags made of recycled plastic film

Rymoplast would like to introduce film products made of 100% recycled plastic to the market with its project Rymoplast Sustainable Bags. This would be an efficient process as the logistics chain would be shortened.

Many businesses and government organisations still use collection bags for PMD (plastic bottles and flasks, metal packaging, drink cartons) that are made of virgin or mixed materials. Rymoplast would like to emphasise fact that recycled plastic is a great alternative. A new washing plant will enable Rymoplast to process the input material, which will gradually become dirtier, into a high-quality raw material. The company will also work on a top-quality film production method whereby three thin layers can be melded to create one layer.

Manufacturing sustainable plastic bags could create between 15 and 20 extra jobs. The production facility will be located near the current factory in Lommel. This means there will be no unnecessary travel-miles and a low CO2 footprint.