RPET honeycomb core technology awarded

EconCore wins European Green Award with RPET honeycomb core technology

Econcore is a world leader in technologies for the economic production of honeycomb sandwich materials. The company provides the correct technology to ensure the continuous production of sandwich materials. It does this by combining honeycomb technology from both aerospace and aviation with efficient packaging production technologies. This enables cost-efficient production of thermoplastic honeycombs for automotive, aerospace, furniture, construction and packaging applications.

EconCore's honeycombs offer 3 major advantages:

  1. Minimal cost due to fast and continuous in-line core production and in-line lamination/welding into panels.
  2. Minimal weight due to excellent mechanical properties similar to those found in aerospace.
  3. Minimal environmental impact through the use of recyclable and recycled materials.

It is this perfect balance between performance, cost, weight and eco-efficiency that convinced the European Green Award jury. They themselves described it as an excellent realisation of a circular innovation that integrates much of both post-consumer and industrial waste into the production cycle. Meanwhile, EconCore's honeycombs are already established in the automotive industry, packaging industry, transport sector and many more. An example of how ecopioneers are doing their bit for a circular economy.