Roofing Clips

Circular roof edge system for bitumen flat roofs

Looking for a way to sustainably finish perfectly recyclable bitumen roofing, Claerhout Aluminium designed the 'Roofing Clips' click system.

Roofing Clips is a circular system that allows you to finish flat roofs with bitumen completely watertight at the eaves. Big challenge of the system was that you have to be able to click the stiff bitumen, and this up to a thickness of 8 mm where the strips overlap.
A spring system in the base profile proved to be the solution. This gives Roofing Clips an enormous clamping force, which is no luxury even in stormy weather.

The Roofing Clips roof edge system consists of two parts: a base profile and a trim.
- The base profile allows the roof edge to be finished watertight, without the bitumen having to be burned up to the roof edge.
- The trim can be clipped onto the base profile afterwards in the desired colour. An additional advantage of the two-part clip system is that it absorbs the shrinkage of the aluminium perfectly, without additional interventions.

Thanks to the clips, you can easily dismantle the bitumen roofing in a circular way. Simply snap both parts of the Roofing Clips off the eaves (ready for reuse) and remove the bitumen (ready for recycling).
Roofing Clips is a clever Belgian innovation from Claerhout Aluminium, ready to conquer the roofing market.