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Reuse of construction materials for affordable high-quality homes

Domus Mundi is conducting research into the reuse of construction materials.

This project seeks to analyse to which extent the reuse of construction materials can contribute not only to a reduction of the environmental impact of the construction sector, but also to our goal of expanding the offer of affordable high-quality housing. A theoretical analysis followed by a series of experiments will seek to analyse and prove which materials qualify for reuse from a technical point of view, also bearing in mind financial feasibility. Which materials have a positive impact on the total building cost? Which criteria and chain approach should be taken into account? The end result should be a business model that meets the needs of the demand side, i.e. the professional stakeholders.

The project aims to develop a business model that:

  • can either be integrated into the operations of existing organisations (clients/project managers or the social economy)
  • or results in the set-up of a new organisation (search for materials, screening, logistics)
  • or serves as the basis for a new collaboration model that needs to be developed for the entire chain (clients/contractors/social economy).

A healthy business model guarantees the scalability of the concept to the wider construction sector, and therefore has a smaller environmental impact, through the creation of a new market that gears market offer and demand to one another.

This project focuses on the demand side first, more specifically on organisations and construction professionals who, in their role as clients or in close collaboration with various project managers, have a direct impact on the demand. First an analysis will be carried out to assess which materials/elements are financially viable. The final goal is to create a new market for specific materials that can be immediately reused in construction projects and can have a positive impact on the affordability of high-quality homes. Since labour costs a key role in the construction sector, and even more so in the reuse of materials, it will be assessed which role the social economy can play in construction and how this financial feasibility can be further increased. Hence the participation of Weerwerk vzw in this partnership.

Domus Mundi vzw

Partners Domus Mundi vzw, BAST Architects & Engineers CVBA, Weerwerk vzw, Het Pandschap cvba-so