Rejuvenating Textile Wastes for Healthcare - REJUTEX4CARE

Transforming post-consumer waste into quality fitted sheets for sustainable circulation in the healthcare sector

With their 'Rejuvenating Textile Wastes for Healthcare' project, Laundry Dumoulin, AVS/ESG, Purfi and Socomaille, together with other partners, are joining forces to process worn or damaged fitted sheets from the healthcare sector into fitted sheets of the same quality, and then return them to the healthcare sector.

What exactly does this circular process look like? The care sector collects the fitted sheets to have them washed by Laundry Dumoulin. Damaged and worn fitted sheets go to Purfi, where they are processed into high-quality fibres. Those fibres then go on to AVS/ESG for a series of tests on conformity of fibre length, quality and strength, after which they are re-spun on site. The spools then end up at Socomaille, a company that knits and produces the jersey fitted sheets. Laundry Dumoulin buys back the finished fitted sheets, bringing them back into the circle.

All steps of the process take place in local businesses, limiting CO2 emissions and saving water and energy. This operation also ensures that land normally used to grow cotton can be used for food. Besides the sustainable features of the project, there is also a focus on the social context: bespoke companies will be responsible for sorting and dismantling the waste.

Socomaille part of Concordia Textiles

Partners Blanchisserie Dumoulin, Purfi Manufactoring Belgium, AVS Spinning