Refaced by Eyes For The World

A circular care initiative that turns used eyeglass frames into affordable eyewear

The Refaced project gives old spectacle frames a second life. After cleaning and restoration, they are offered to residential care centres at a bargain price. Besides the economic and environmental impact, the project provides social employment.

Almost everyone who wears glasses has one or more spare frames lying around at home that are hardly or not used, but are still in perfect condition. Eyes For The World's Refaced project collects these old models and delivers them to seniors in residential care centres to make eye care more affordable for them. This makes it the very first project to offer second-hand eyewear.

In collecting and refurbishing the old spectacle frames, the project combines circular economy with social impact: bespoke companies handle the production, thus preparing the frames for a second life. Each pair of glasses is offered at the same price of €20.

Refaced is responsible for logistics and distribution until use and end-of-life, but this is only made possible through close, strongly embedded partnerships. This simultaneously ensures that the project is scalable over time.

Eyes for The World

Partners Ecoso Vzw, switchrs, Studio Moonshot bv