New design of printing remnants

Redopapers makes unique and handmade products from misprints and surpluses from printing companies.

During the printing process at printing companies, a lot of paper surpluses are created, both printed and unprinted. Redopapers reworks them into fun new gadgets. The company already launched design products such as to-do lists, weekly planners and diaries.

They mainly find those paper scraps at printing company Zwartopwit. Zwartopwit's software system clusters jobs to minimise paper waste and Redopapers' designs serve as extra padding when needed. Old banners, posters and posters also get a second life as covers for notebooks and personalised promotional gifts.

But inspirers Linde and Tille want more. They want to work very locally and also turn it into a social and educational project. They give young people from special secondary education the opportunity to gain work experience. For instance, they successfully work together with the pupils of the Koninklijk Orthopedagogisch Centrum Antwerpen vzw who sort and divide surplus paper. RE-DO also organises workshops where the students get to work with their own recovered paper and thus learn to think ecologically. They become familiar with the basics of bookbinding and how to experiment with waste paper at home.

Source: OVAM


Partners Zwartopwit, Koninklijk Orthopedagogisch Centrum Antwerpen vzw