Circular strategies for the reuse and transformation of wood residues

Recuplan is a project by Ecoso in which they investigate how to give residual wood streams a second life. To do so, they apply two circular strategies: refurbish/redistribute and remanufacture.

Ecoso is investigating how to ensure that wood is less likely to end up in landfills. In the 'Recuplan' project, they investigate whether it is possible to market a range of high-quality and standardised semi-finished products based on wood residues.

To this end, the partners are applying two strategies. With refurbish/redistribute, they efficiently centralise the supply of residual streams of, among others, board material such as MDF and plywood to find a high-quality destination. This material is often perfectly usable in its current form with minimal work. With remanufacture, the partners develop new materials and semi-finished products by sorting, dismantling, sawing, gluing or otherwise processing residual streams that cannot be used directly. By applying these two strategies, material value is preserved or increased.

Recuplan has a shop with showroom in Mechelen that is freely accessible to both individuals and businesses. More information can be found at .

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