Recovery First

Recovery First explores how broken electronic devices can be repaired and reused

The Living Lab 'Recovery First' investigates how to strengthen the circular economy in Flanders by repairing and reusing broken electrical appliances first, instead of immediately recycling them. The focus here is on small household electro (KHE). Recovery First' further focuses on the transition to a circular economy and the Flemish policy goal of reducing material consumption by 30% by 2030.

A lot of household appliances that today end up in the recycling stream are still perfectly reparable and easily reusable. The partners of the Recovery First Living Lab are investigating how to extend the life of small household electrical appliances by repairing and/or reusing them. In doing so, they contribute to the transition to a circular economy, with higher value retention of consumer electronics throughout the use phase and a substantial reduction in material use.

In concrete terms, Recovery First focuses on four areas: the safe collection of discarded electronics, the training and employment of diagnosis and repair staff, the development of qualitative and easily accessible diagnosis and repair points spread across Flanders and increasing consumer demand for repair.

The partners bring together all actors in the value chain to also tackle challenges and structural bottlenecks such as the availability of qualitative and affordable parts, quality guarantee of repairs, changing consumer behaviour, profitable business models, ...

The leading partner and promoters of the Repair First Living Lab are Repair&Share, Herw!n and Makeable Leuven. The project is a broad partnership with several recycling shops, waste intermunicipalities, Recupel, retailers, manufacturers, repair companies, and training, research and government institutions. More information at

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Partners HERW!N, Maakbaar Leuven, VITO, IOK, Recupel, IMOG, De Kringloopwinkel Deltagroep, Kringwinkel Ateljee, Fnac Vanden Borre, Kringwinkel Antwerpen, Kringwinkel De Cirkel, Volta, Kringwinkel Stroom, Metaleuven, EcoWerf, CVO LBC, Kringwinkel ViTe