A blessing for your ears and the environment

You know the drill: those irritating echoes in the office that give you a headache or the deafening screams at an event that make your voice hoarse. RE-SOUND comes up with the ultimate solution to this problem. The Sint-Niklaas-based company manufactures wall panels that optimise acoustics in any room, be it offices, restaurants or event venues. Since they are extremely effective, you don't need large numbers or large areas to hear an immediate difference either.

The wall panels are also made with the environment in mind. Not only are recycled and sustainable materials used in production, but the panels are also modular. As a result, RE-SOUND can very easily adjust the colour of a panel, for example, or repair a worn part. And if, over time, you want to replace or remove your wall panel, RE-SOUND will gladly re-purchase it from you to give it a new use. So RE-SOUND's wall panels are not only a blessing for your peace of mind, but also for the environment.