Restart Parties and Escape Room get young people thinking about their electronic devices

This project by BOS+ in cooperation with Catapa, Netwerk Bewust Verbruiken (NBV) and local partners in three cities aims to give young people an insight into the connection between their electronic devices and their supply chains and impact on people and the environment.

We make young people aware of the problems associated with the electronic devices we use every day. To this end, we organise Restart Parties (Repair Cafés with a focus on electronic devices) where young people can carry out simple repairs to their electronic devices under the guidance of volunteers. In this way, we introduce them to the circular economy through a product that is important to them. They experience what they can do themselves, but at the same time realise that the repair of some defects is better left to professionals.

We are also developing a special Escape Room on this theme. In addition, we also offer young people other solutions, such as refurbished purchases, tips on how to use the software longer, a critical look at advertising, etc.

We are setting up a partnership with professional repair shops. They take care of the more difficult repairs and supply us with spare parts.

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Partners CATAPA, Netwerk Bewust Verbruiken