Prepare circular demolition digitally

A partnership of Arcadis with city of Roeselare and B-architects

The city council of Roeselare wants to replace the current city hall complex. It is outdated, not energy efficient and not maintenance friendly. They want to realize a new building in which the historical part of the current city hall will be integrated.

In order to make the new building possible, a number of buildings must be demolished. The city council wants to do this in a circular way, but encounters various practical stumbling blocks. To put circular demolition into practice, all (construction) partners need to join forces.

Through an extensive digital inventory, linked to a BIM model, Arcadis wants to generate a correct picture of the circular potential of the buildings to be demolished. Based on this, the information is passed on to the contractor (via demolition specifications or other ways). The contractor is thus encouraged to demolish certain reusable elements in a circular way, without an unacceptable impact on budget and planning. This approach also allows for early visualization and adjustment of processing flows.

Of crucial importance within this project, is the collaboration between the different partners: local government and private entities - each with their own interests and limitations. If successful, this partnership will serve as a model for other projects. After all, many local governments have similar projects that need to be realized within similar partnerships and limiting contexts.


Partners Stad Roeselare en B-architecten