Offering warmth and comfort as a service for social housing

We are going to build energy-saving projects in apartment buildings based on a service agreement: we are not selling a new heating installation, we are selling heat and comfort.
The project includes the development of a business plan on offering heat and comfort as a service, carrying out feasibility studies and developing a specific offer and a pilot project in two buildings.
We include parties in the entire chain, and together with manufacturers, installers, managers and customers, we compile an interesting offer that has advantages for everyone.

We have an integrated energy project in mind that makes the building energy-efficient and ready for the future thanks to perfect maintenance, “Smart readiness”, automation and monitoring. In the first instance, we will work with the selected partners on specific projects of social housing companies. The ultimate aim is to use the model more widely, for example, in private apartment buildings (mostly associations of co-owners) and for tertiary buildings such as hospitals, retirement homes and care homes. To this end, we will provide an information and communication campaign on the specific offer and the pilot projects.


Partners Viessmann Belgium, CO2logic, Vlaamse Maatschappij voor Sociaal Wonen, Bondec