Plein Publiek + Circuit

The circular hotspot in Antwerp

At the Plein Publiek site, everything is about circularity. The site is located in Antwerp's district Circulair Zuid - the district of the future that encourages residents to make sustainable use of energy, water, waste and materials. To this end, Plein Publiek and circular partner Circuit are also joining forces.

The event location and the community center - a spin-off from De Kringwinkel Antwerp - are committed to circularity and let everyone enjoy it. They organize events where everyone is welcome, to put circularity in the spotlight for as wide a public as possible. Everyone can come and taste the many possibilities that exist to live more sustainably and to have more sustainable fun.

Circuit festival

Circular initiatives & entrepreneurs

In the Greenhouse of Plein Publiek, Nobel Flooring laid environmentally friendly parquet floors and Water-link provides a local, compact water purification plant.  This collects rainwater and the used water from the hand washers and the kitchen. This water is purified into pure water to make potable water that can be used back in the kitchen or restaurant.
In addition, the greenery in the greenhouse is provided by PLNT, which grows plants in one of the containers on the basis of pesticide-avoiding LED technology and reuses 97% of the water. Ecopower is also investigating the possibility of equipping the site with vertical solar panels and batteries. On the roof, but also on the container wall and even in the balustrades. The restaurant in Plein Publiek also runs entirely on zero-waste.


At the same time, the containers house the work and sales spaces of inventive creatives, designers and entrepreneurs with sustainable business models. In the wide range of services and products they offer, the emphasis is invariably on circularity and the reuse of materials.

Plein Publiek  & Circuit as an information center

The electrical and bicycle repair workshop of De Kringwinkel Antwerpen has also been given a place in the Plein Publiek containers under the name Circuit. Neighbors can go there for workshops, repair cafes and lending services where they can share, borrow, repair and reuse materials. Circuit and Plein Publiek also regularly join forces to set up neighborhood markets, events and circular speaker-corners. In this way, both organizations want to create a platform and neighborhood hub for knowledge sharing around circularity.