Plastics in Healthcare

Sustainable reuse in the Factory of the Future

Circular strategies are hardly applied in the healthcare sector. 84% of the 40,000 tonnes of non-risk medical waste (NRMA) produced by Belgian hospitals every year is incinerated as residual waste. This project aims to initiate a major system change by implementing higher circular strategies for medical plastic packaging waste.

We are testing existing decontamination and disinfection methods on 10 plastic streams originating from hospitals. Thus, we map the technical, logistical and economic feasibility of reusing medical plastic packaging. In addition, we investigate how these technologies can be integrated into a local circular plastics hub where social employment and technological innovation go hand in hand. In this way, we not only aim for a positive ecological impact by reducing the materials footprint. We also link this to social impact by creating valuable employment for people distanced from the labour market. Thus, this project contributes to a more sustainable future for all of us.


Partners Werecircle, Wase Werkplaats vzw divisie W-Pharma, Qualix, UZ Leuven, UZ Gent, Duomed Belgium, Roche Diagnostics Belgium, Imelda