PANTA club

The worry-free grow with you subscription for safe & premium children's bikes!

PANTA Club offers a worry-free grow along subscription for safe, quality children's bikes for children up to 14 years old. With this, they aim to save parents the headaches surrounding the purchase, sale and repair of children's bicycles and allow bikes to grow with the children. Models that have become too small for one child, they pass on to other young cyclists after a thorough servicing so they get the best bike every time.

On average, a child needs a new bike every two years. That means children use six different bikes before they are 14. Quality bikes are often too expensive, so parents opt for cheaper models that offer less cycling fun. When the bike is too small, it often just stays in the garage.

With PANTA Club's subscription, parents always have a quality bike available for their child. Bikes that are too small are collected at home and a larger model is also delivered to your home. Each model is always serviced and comes with the necessary accessories such as mudguards and a teardrop. Other equipment can be ordered as extras. Since its launch in October 2022, 65% of the bikes purchased have already been exchanged for a larger model. Per reused bike thus saved 240 kg of CO2.

In addition, PANTA Club focuses on educating and informing parents about safe cycling to make the world a better place where cycling becomes natural and safe. PANTA Club collaborates with bespoke companies to have an even greater social impact.

PANTA club