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OSBS - Open Source Building System

An Open Source Building System of circular construction elements managed by a cooperative for more liveable houses

Labland stimulates the construction of future-proof houses that will both result in more comfort and a smaller environmental impact. The main leverage to achieve this is circular construction in an urban context. In recent years, the benefits of the circular economy and high-density living have been repeatedly proven. Therefore, Labland continues to focus on circular and urban construction. With this project, we aim to go a step further and prove how compact, change-oriented and circular construction also boosts liveability.

A construction system is so much more than just a set of technical specifications. It also comprises all the aspects required for a building to fulfil its intended role, namely that of a home.

  1. Measure the actual liveability so as to create the optimal context for circular construction.
  2. Set up a sustainable cooperative financing and management model for circular construction materials.
  3. Create model homes with a lay-out and functions that can change over time, using circular construction elements.
  4. Use change-oriented construction techniques to allow elements to remain within the circular economy.
  5. Develop OpenStructures-based circular construction elements to show residents how they can change their home to meet their needs and wishes in a circular manner.
  6. Recover materials and upgrade them into reusable construction components in collaboration with the social economy.
  7. Build a demo home to illustrate the findings of the design study.

Gather all this knowledge into an Open Source Building System of circular construction elements managed by a cooperative promoting more liveable houses.

Labland vzw

Partners Wooncoop cvba, Nikolaj De Meulder (architect), Mathieu De Schryver (architect), VUB Architectural Engineering, Labeur vzw, OS_Studio, EURAC BV (Erasmus happiness Economics Research Organization)