Optimisation of instrument sets within Operation Quarter Noorderhart Hospital

Noorderhart Hospital revolutionises surgical practices with optimised instrument sets

Operations require a lot of energy, water and material. Material is sterilised and reused, but this is not always done in the most efficient way. Therefore, the project 'Optimisation of instrument sets within the Operation Quarter Noorderhart Hospital' introduces optimised instrument sets composed in such a way that no unnecessary sterilisation needs to be done.

Noorderhart Hospital in Pelt already makes efforts to avoid waste, such as recycling cloths used to wrap instruments sterile. Yet, like other hospitals, they lack innovative, supporting technologies to implement larger-scale optimisation using data.

Although surgical equipment is sterilised and reused, it is not done in the most optimal way. Many more instruments are washed and sterilised than are effectively used during surgery. It is estimated that more than 50% of instruments are involved that have not been used. Using less material extends the life of instruments and can save on baskets, as well as water, electricity, cleaning products and packing materials.

By basing the choice of materials on data, rational choices can be made, as opposed to the historical and instinctive way it is done now. Moreover, using data facilitates behavioural change among hospital staff. It will encourage other departments to think critically about the use of discipline-specific material. Thorough analysis will allow material to be tailored to the procedure and to the surgeon.

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