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Open Source Matchmaking

New project for easier recovery of waste flows

This project by VUB aims to extend the lifecycle of products by combining an open-source matchmaking platform for materials with a regional overview of the environmental impact of these material flows. The transfer of ownership lengthens the lifecycle of products and prevents waste production.

An online system enables companies or private individuals to geolocalise a material or waste product (cardboard, wood, metal). This material/waste product could well be the resource another company needs. This system facilitates ‘matchmaking’.

The platform uses various scoring mechanisms to stimulate distribution and to reward companies or persons who have performed well as ‘Top Circulars’ in Flanders. At the same time, the system facilitates a real-time insight into the environmental and economic impact of the reuse of materials or underutilised space in the region.

Since the platform is being developed as an open-source tool, it can be copied and used by anyone, from companies to cities and even an entire economic sector.

Université Libre de Bruxelles

Partners Metabolism of Cities