New office for Bureau Bouwtechniek

Pull out all the stops for a sustainable, circular building

Bureau Bouwtechniek built a new office and, as it always does, paid close attention to sustainability. This manifests itself in all areas.

Location. BB chose an office on Michel de Braeystraat in Nieuw Zuid. Easily accessible by bicycle and public transport. The office is on the ground floor, making it easily accessible for everyone.

User participation. All BB employees were given the opportunity to share their opinions, so that the new office can satisfy as many wishes as possible and is a high-quality and pleasant workplace.

Construction and structure. The building consists of an intelligent concrete structure with sufficient headroom for all possible changes. Except around the circulation cores, there are no load-bearing internal walls. The internal walls are movable so that the layout of the office can evolve over the years to meet BB's needs.
As floor insulation, BB chose PUR boards. This encourages reuse, sorting and recycling.

Technology and comfort
- Cables for electricity and data are embedded in a grid of cable ducts in the floor so that the rearrangement and reallocation of spaces remains possible. A quality wireless network and laptops or surfaces allow work to be taken to anywhere.
- The pulsing and extraction of ventilation air is also nicely dispersed to allow that rearrangement.
- The building is connected to a heat grid. Should the connection fail, the building will be fitted with solar panels. Heating and cooling are done at low temperature via a climate ceiling. Because a simulation revealed that the cooling load of the office is greater than the heat load, double instead of triple glazing was chosen. This increases heat losses, so that a balance can be found more quickly.
- In terms of lighting, BB opted for LED lighting with manual switch-on and automatic switch-off based on absence detection.
- BB preferred energy-efficient electrical appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator, etc.) with an A+++ label.

Furniture. The office design was done with the principles of circularity in mind. BB recovered almost 60% of its 'old' furniture. The remaining pieces of furniture were recycled and/or offered second-hand.
New' furniture, doors, etc. BB found second-hand (e.g. via the ODS harvest card) or bought new - always paying attention to high-quality materials with a long lifespan.

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Bureau Bouwtechniek

Partners Jansen by ODS, Gyproc / Saint-Gobian Construction Products Belgium nv en Murmuur architecten (interieur)