Mobble on the move

Making modular and ecological construction accessible to everyone

Mobble on the move aims to make a modular and ecological construction system ready for the market that makes healthy living and working accessible to everyone. This circular Mobble builds on the project with which Ghent University participated in Solar Decathlon in 2019.

The aim is to reconcile circular principles with maximum ecological impact with affordable and high-quality homes and offices. This can be done by developing a Mobble version that is geared as much as possible towards the way of living and working of the future. This is in order to generate an applicable solution to such societal challenges as energy saving, circularity, overcrowding and ageing. We want to examine whether and how Mobbles can be applied on a large scale and in a cost-efficient manner. This not only offers solutions for temporary constructions (informal care, schools, offices, emergency housing) but also allows for more permanent constructions to be realised in a circular manner.


Partners BAST Architects & Engineers, Ecopuur, Universiteit Gent, Wooncoop, Strategies and leaders