Memo Koncept

WE GO FOR SUSTAINABLE EMPLOYMENT With sustainable office design towards happy employees and better results!

MEMO Koncept pursues sustainable work happiness in four essential pillars: environment, economy, people and organization. They bring those pillars together in sustainable office design that makes employees happier, leading to better results. Working closely with circular partners, they create circular work environments.

C-Koncept, a spin-off of MEMO Koncept focuses solely on circular products and circular developments for an office environment. It researches circular business models and circular materials, while focusing on refurbishment. This makes C-Koncept constantly evolving. 
Memo concept focuses on the design and furnishing of entire office spaces. In doing so, they strive to integrate sustainability into the entire process: from selecting materials with a low environmental impact to creating efficient and healthy workplaces. C-Concept asks themselves what is already in place and how they can repurpose those resources to minimize waste. Their commitment to circularity also includes closely examining which parts can be repaired and which materials are recyclable. 
At the same time, they embrace a collaborative model with various partners who have circularity as a core value. Together, they are closing the circle by leveraging each other's expertise and capabilities to put circular principles into practice.