MechCiCo: “Mechelaars Circulair & Coöperatief”

Technical installations as a service for buildings in temporary use

In Mechelen, 1 in 10 commercial properties is vacant and so outdated that renovation or new construction is required. In the meantime, the City of Mechelen and the not-for-profit organisation Mest vzw are looking for a temporary solution. But because of this transience, there is no incentive to invest in the sustainable use of the building. No one invests in the temporary replacement of outdated lighting, the generation of sustainable energy or the recovery of rainwater.

With the MechCiCo project, the civil cooperative Klimaan, together with local players, will offer interior comfort as a service of products to the users of such properties. We adapt new or second-hand technical solutions to changing users and reuse them in other buildings. We are applying this business model to two buildings in Mechelen: the former library and fire station. Klimaan becomes the first practical example of a cooperative (citizen) CESCO (Circular Economy Service Company).

Klimaan vzw

Partners Stad Mechelen, Mest vzw, Ecofocus, Thomas More Mechelen-Antwerpen vzw