Measuring food loss throughout the dairy chain

To tackle food loss, you first need to know exactly how much it is. Under the motto "to measure is to know", the partners in this project want to measure food loss throughout the dairy chain, from cow to finished product. They will work with all links in the chain to collect figures, from farmer, transport, in dairies to sales in supermarkets.

A learning network will identify loss items and bottlenecks, share good practices and take actions where possible, e.g. legislation, technology, cooperation, ...
It will also try to respond to the need for interaction between food company and retail by setting up a test case between 1 dairy company and 1 retailer. Forecasting will be possible through access to detailed loss figures with legal guarantees.

Finally, a model agreement will be drawn up, usable for other food companies.
The approach and learning lessons for the dairy sector will be disseminated to other dairy companies, the wider food sector, government agencies and stakeholders.


Partners FoodWIN, FEVIA vzw, Boerenbond