Material Mastery

Leadership in Circular Innovation

In a time when companies increasingly feel the call for circularity but are still searching for the right approach, Material Mastery is ready to guide them. As a leading specialist in the field of circular materials, Material Mastery offers in-depth insights and multi-dimensional solutions at material, product, company, and system levels.

Innovation Expertise

Material Mastery distinguishes itself by their core expertise in addressing circular challenges and identifying opportunities in the circular economy.

Dedicated to Impact

Driven by the desire to make an impact, Material Mastery is at the forefront of sustainable design and innovation, with a strong focus on the full life cycle of materials and CO2 reduction.

Innovative Solutions

Thanks to their extensive experience in various sectors, their out-of-the-box thinking, and their team of material specialists, Material Mastery creates groundbreaking solutions with a strong business focus, aimed at both ecological and economic sustainability.

Inspiring Cases

Below are three cases that illustrate Material Mastery's successful approach to achieving circular business goals

Case 1: Etex - Remanufacturing of facade panel cut-off waste
Etex faced the challenge of substantially reducing the disposal of facade panel cut-offs and instead wanted to use the waste in a new business activity. Material Mastery, with their deep expertise and creative approach, was involved to find a solution. Through thorough system analysis, material analysis, and innovative concept creation, the company developed a modular system that seamlessly integrates with the operations of sheet material distributors. This system not only offers broad design possibilities for facade solutions but also significantly reduces the footprint, thus fulfilling Etex's circular ambitions.

Case 2: Hoos - Circular School Bags
For a social workshop called Weerwerk, Material Mastery took on the challenge of developing a unique circular product that would not only provide work for their sewing workshop but also support their circular ambitions. Through the thorough expertise and innovative approach of Material Mastery, a set of school bags for pupils aged 6-9 years was created, made up of 90% recycled materials. These bags are offered in a rental model, which not only promotes sustainability but also contributes to a circular economy.

Case 3: Mata - Building Solutions from Melt Concrete
Mata, a building trade company wanting to step towards sustainable building solutions, found in Material Mastery the ideal innovation partner to assist them. Through material selection, process development, and a thorough feasibility study, Material Mastery came up with a solution: melt concrete with a cement substitute as the core material. By obtaining a Vlaiosubsidie, Material Mastery was able to refine the production technology and work on developing this new sustainable material for building applications. Together, they took an important step towards a circular construction sector.

Material Mastery

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