Living Lab Hemp+

Researching uses for industrial hemp

The Living Lab Hemp+ focuses on industrial hemp and other sustainable bio-based metals and processes or combinations of these materials. With this, the partners aim to work out new possibilities for value creation, using hemp as insulation material, composites or textiles.

As the thinking around hemp evolves, new application possibilities for the crop are constantly being worked out. The Living Lab Hemp+ works around those application possibilities in the construction and manufacturing industry. To this end, the project brings different actors together to encourage and facilitate hemp cultivation in Flanders and Europe. Through co-creation, the project wants to demonstrate and stimulate the development of innovative and bio-based products with hemp biomass.

This living lab works to better define challenges and opportunities, including a network of actors willing to work around this theme. Prototypes and characterisation of impact factors are being developed, linked to material footprint and greenhouse gas emission reduction. At the system level, a mindset shift around the hemp value chain is being worked on.


Partners B & R, Trafiroad, SUREAL, Storm, Wolf & Partners, Unilin, Innovatiesteunpunt voor Landbouw en Platteland, META ARCHITECTUURBUREAU, Arteveldehogeschool, Re-Vive