Lime hemp: the circular insulation material

Exie bets on lime hemp as insulation material for the future

Exie, derived from Experts in Healthy Houses, processes lime hemp into insulation material. Lime hemp is made by mixing hemp with lime and water. The result is a building material that is light, breathable, durable and insulating. Lime hemp production also has a low carbon footprint and is also toxin-free, carbon-negative and fully biodegradable.

As a frontrunner in Belgium, Exie was the first to install a hemp processing machine. It is now one of only ten machines in Europe. It ensures that local farmers can be contracted to produce hemp. This creates a sustainable source of raw materials and strengthens the relationship between the agricultural and construction sectors.

The insulation material is very flexible and can be used in both load-bearing and non-load-bearing structures, such as walls, floors and roofs. Naturally, the material is also highly insulating, while keeping indoor temperatures stable and reducing energy costs. As a breathable material, lime hemp promotes a healthier indoor environment and improves fire resistance.

To maximise the sustainability of the hemp plant and make full use of the plant, Exie sells surplus hemp fibres to various industries.  

With the growing focus on sustainability, lime hemp is increasingly being used in eco-friendly building projects. It is proof that the future of building is green, with innovative materials such as lime hemp playing a crucial role in the pursuit of a more sustainable Flanders.