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Lease a Couch

Couch as a Service

Renting is the new buying. Why buy a ‘disposable’ sofa that will only last for a short period of time when you can lease a durable, high-quality sofa for an affordable price? Motief Atelier remains the rightful owner of the sofa, and is responsible for reuse and recycling. Moreover, only second-hand furniture is used that is reupholstered by Motief Atelier in collaboration with sheltered workshops using natural and locally sourced materials. Filling materials and fabrics are chosen in co-creation with local farmers, companies and designers.

The idea is to lease durable, high-quality sofas, making them accessible to start-ups, people on a limited budget and temporary residents. That allows us to counter the consumption of disposable items. Motief Atelier remains the rightful owner of the sofas, and is responsible for reuse and recycling of the parts. The lease contract includes maintenance and repair. Once the lease has ended, the sofas are cleaned and if necessary they are repaired or reupholstered for the next lease.

The short- and long-term positive effects for people and the environment:

  • Waste reduction thanks to the reuse of existing furniture and the promotion of a functional economic model.
  • A smart product design and sustainable material usage.
  • A reduction in the use of finite natural resources, such as oil.
  • More awareness on the use of harmless materials in interiors.
  • A boost of various local agricultural crops by showcasing how they can be used.
  • The use of local, natural raw materials such as flax (a crop that requires few pesticides).
  • Reduced CO2 emissions through the use of local resources, local production and processing, and by avoiding materials that require heavy chemical industrial processes.
  • Awareness raising among consumers: consume less, own less.

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