Lean and Green

sustainable management and cleaning of scopes in the hospital

With the 'Lean and Green' project, GZA Hospitals is investigating how the intensive cleaning process of scopes can be made more efficient and environmentally friendly. For the practical work, they can count on tailor-made company Mivas vzw.

In order to avoid contamination risks during a scopy, an intensive cleaning process is needed. That process is very environmentally harmful and labor-intensive: with eight washing machines, about 1 450 000 liters of water and 18 000 kW of electricity are needed annually. That is why GZA Hospitals, with the help of Mivas vzw, is working on a high-tech and an organizational innovation.
The high-tech innovation consists of testing environmentally friendly, safe and efficient solutions to maximize the lifespan of scopes while reducing material consumption and environmental impact. An organizational innovation is made possible thanks to a new business model in co-creation with custom company Mivas vzw. The goal: 30 to 40% less material consumption, 20% fewer scopes in circulation and freeing up one to two full-time equivalents to engage in continuous improvement.

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