Kasbah Kosmic

Kasbah Kosmic Unveils Kenza Vandeput Taleb's Unique Creations and Inclusive Vision

Kenza Vandeput Taleb collects accessories, fabrics and second-hand clothes that form the basis for new creations. This makes each piece unique and sustainable, while telling more about the designer's dual identity.

Kasbah Kosmic is a way for Kenza to translate her dual origins into clothes. Since 2019, she has been designing sustainable clothing made with fabrics, second-hand clothing and objects she collects for her brand. She draws her inspiration from Traditional Algerian clothing, which is why she uses unusual patterns, materials and techniques that give her brand a strong personality.

She takes two approaches: upcycling and customisation. For upcycling, she starts from different elements that together form a completely new creation. For customisation, she starts from an existing garment that she prints and adapts.

Because inclusivity is important, the fashion designer makes sure she always has pieces on offer for every budget so that everyone has access to sustainable clothing.